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Newborn Love Stories | Part 1 of 3

San Antonio Maternity Sessions are some of my favorite to capture. A few months back I started working on my first blog series ever, titled “Newborn Love Stories”. A series where a few of my Maternity Clients would share with me what they would write in a love letter to their unborn child.

sitting couples photo in Cibolo Nature Center

One of the things I love about photographing expecting moms is learning about their journey to motherhood. Their stories of faith, hope, strength and love. Everyone’s story is different and unique and that’s what makes each one so special.

The beautiful women photographed in these images shared with me a bit of their motherhood journey, what they look forward to, and what they’d recommend to other moms.

Hope their words will touch your heart…

Sandy| Cibolo Nature Center

“We have wished and prayed for you everyday.”

Baby, we’d love for you to know that we have wished and prayed for you everyday and that all the struggles that we have gone through only makes us cherish you that much more.
Boerne Maternity Session

“We can’t wait to share our adventures with our new side kick.”

After two miscarriages and almost six months of infertility treatments we were finally able to have a successful pregnancy with our baby boy. Both my husband and I are very active people and we can’t wait to share our adventures with our new side kick.

For all women struggling with their motherhood journey: Don’t give up! It will happen for you, maybe not when you are wanting it to, but definetly when you are needing it to.

San Antonio Maternity Session
Sandy & Jeff’s session was at the beautiful Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne, TX.

“We want to capture this moment in time”

Documenting this time for us is important because of our journey. These photos will capture a pure moment in time that once it’s over we can relive and visit again later.

** *

Lori | Denman Estate Park

“We’d love for you to know [that] we never gave up.”

Baby, we’d love for you to know how hard we tried for you. Even though it took several years to find out the medicine cocktail that worked for us, for this pregnancy, we never gave up. We never stopped trying.
Photos at Denman Estate Park

Those are the moments you live for….

For all moms out there, there will be times when your child is crying and you may feel overwhelmed, but then there will be those times when you pick them up and they’ll stop crying and you’ll realize that all they wanted was to find comfort in their mama’s arms…those are the sweet moments you live for as a mom.

San Antonio outdoors maternity session

“We want to cherish this memory.”

I never did maternity photos my last two pregnancies and knowing that this is my last, I want to cherish this memory for myself and for my husband.

San Antonio family photos
Lori and her loving family at one of my favorite photo spots in San Antonio.

San Antonio has beautiful locations for maternity sessions. Hope you fall in love with the locations showcased here too!

* * *

Kristin | Denman Estate Park

“Being a mom is my favorite job in the world…”

Baby, I’d love for you to know that being a mom is my favorite job in the world, second is being a Labor & Delivery Nurse.
San Antonio Maternity

“Thankful for our rainbow baby.”

My firstborn came early so we never got to have maternity photos taken and I want to document this journey, along with newborn photos.

We are so thankful for our rainbow baby after a recent miscarriage and really looking forward to my boys being close and lots of fun memories together.

Maternity Dress San Antonio

“Soak in every moment…”

My encouraging message for other expecting moms is to soak in every moment. Don’t take a day for granted because time will fly and babies don’t keep.

mom and me photos san Antonio
Beautiful Kristin and her sweet big boy at Denman Estate Park in San Antonio, TX.

* * *

Sandy, Lori, and Kristin, thank you for participating in my new blog series! I loved working with each of you and your families! Thank you for trusting me with such precious memories and for sharing your stories with me.

With Love,


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