Tree Farm Mini Sessions | 2020

Mini Sessions

San Antonio, TX | Pipe Creek, TX

Tree Farm Minis

This is my third year scheduling tree farm mini sessions and I am already planning to return next year for more! Why, you ask? Because I just can’t get enough of the tree farm!

Honestly though, I think the real reason is that I did not grow up near a tree farm and quite honestly I had never stopped to wonder, where are these pine trees coming from? I mean, did you ever stop to wonder about this too? But after the first time I visited one of these farms, I was hooked! It seriously is, in my opinion, a sight for sore eyes.

Also, I think it is the PERFECT photo backdrop for holiday cards! So I think Tree Farm Mini Sessions are here to stay! If you don’t believe me, then check out this blog I found on “Creative Places to take a Christmas Photo” guess what shows up as #1? Yup, tree farm!

Whether you have young kids or older kids, no kids, or a few furbabies, a session at the tree farm can be for you!

Here’s a few photos from my last mini sessions at the farm! Enjoy!

Tree Farm Minis
Tree Farm Session
Tree Farm Mini Session
Tree Farm Minis
Tree Farm Photos

Interested in booking a mini session at the tree farm? Our next round of tree farm minis are on Saturday, November 21st. Send me message via my contact form here if you’re interested in booking.

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